All about BIM (Building Information Modelling) BIM has transformed architecture, engineering and construction. However the great potential of BIM is to provide accurate, timely, and relevant information not just during design and construction for a single building, but also throughout the lifecycle of an entire portfolio of facilities. The use of BIM technology in the operational phase of a building’s lifecycle is just beginning to take hold as building owners look for new ways to improve the effectiveness of their facility operations. But why are we seeing this transformation and what are the reasons that building owners are only starting to adopt BIM based solutions now for the entire building lifecycle including all aspects of building operations? Lifecycle BIM is the practice of creating, maintaining and utilizing building information to manage operations and maintenance of buildings throughout their operational lifecycles. Facility managers are finding value in a number of areas of building operations that benefit from enhanced data and this data needs to come initially from the architect through the supply chain. During operational phase, this data is captured on a daily basis and is fed into the CAFM system that speaks to the live 3D model.
Facilities Management Expo 2017
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