Facilities Management Expo 2017
The Water Crisis Cape Town has been suffering badly from the water crisis. Is Johannesburg going the same way?
Inspiration - Education - Innovation for the FM Industry
Previous Facilities Management breakfast topics and speakers Disruptive Technology, Mary Haw Effective Recycling, Ursula Hennebury - Water Knowledge & Saving, Richard Pickering - Director at Northface Solar Managing & Measuring Facilities Management, Lydia Hendricks - Marketing Director at FM Solutions Flynn Goodwin - Owner of Flynn Goodwin Plumbing (FGP) Rene Swart - Facilities Manager at St Stithians College Veeran Ramadhin - Facilities Manager, Liberty
Water, a very precious resource We are fortunate to be having rain in Gauteng at this time. However, the infrastructure that delivers the water to our taps is in a poor state of repair. Water is leaking from the system at an unprecedented rate. How bad is the situation, how close are we to a crisis. Recently, large areas of Sandton were without water for 3 days. It was not fun for those affected. Hear how bad the situation is and what Facilities Managers should be considering to help avoid a crisis. The Accolades Conference Venue, 72 Dale Rd, President Park AH, Midrand 7.30 am for 8am
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