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Editorial brief for May issue JFM We will be covering the following issues in the May issue of JFM: Healthcare Facilities Management, Waste management strategies, building maintenance and plumbing and washrooms Healthcare Facilities Management Management and maintenance of healthcare facilities is of crucial importance to any facilities manager. If it’s fit for purpose it will have three major areas that have been focused on – efficiency, safety and technology. JFM will be taking a look at what are the intrinsic ingredients that go to make a successful and reputable healthcare facility, and apart from examining the private healthcare system, we will also be taking a look at what can be done to rehabilitate the much maligned state facilities. We will also be looking at data storage. The records that hospitals and healthcare facilities must be maintained for updates on patients. Most regulations require these records to be kept private, and there is an obligation to guard them from other risks, such as fire damage.  One solution to this problem is off-site storage, but on- site storage can also be improved to maximise safety. At the heart of this is effective electronic record keeping. Waiting areas for patients and hygienic washrooms are also an essential part of these facilities and need attention. Building maintenance It is up to the FMs to ensure that their buildings are maintained to preserve the asset and protect the building occupants. Not only will regular, proper maintenance make the building a healthy and safe place to work, but resale values are higher for properties that keep up with regular maintenance. A commercial facility is exposed to all kinds of weather changes – rain, sun, wind and other natural elements. Over time these natural occurring events have an adverse effect on roofs, windows, doors, paint, wood and other building materials. Paint begins to peel. Doors warp, roofs leak. If left unattended, interior walls, floor coverings and ceilings can be damaged, causing costly repairs. Periodic inspection and maintenance of roofs, walls, gutters, drains and foundations is an investment in controlling interior conditions as well as in preserving the building itself. A regular schedule for maintenance of the exterior and interior of the building should be created and maintained with an ongoing log of building problems and resolutions. Plumbing & Washrooms In any facility this is probably one of the most important areas for staff and visitors. It is probably also one of the most neglected areas, with soap and paper regularly running out and not being replaced. FMs should also be aware of the latest eco- friendly trends with regards to urinals. Faulty plumbing can also be the case of blocked pipes leading to this area, and to be regularly inspected. Cost saving is a top priority. The best time to implement features to save on restroom operating costs is during the design process. Save on water costs with electronic faucets. While these units are more expensive than manual faucets, cost savings produced by using less water recover this additional cost quickly. They also help to improve sanitation and cleanliness. Being touchless also reduces wear from use and abuse. Automatic flush valves for toilets and urinals are also an effective means of reducing water use in restrooms. These flush valves also improve sanitation because they are touchless. One of the biggest cost-savers is lighting. Occupancy sensors can reduce can reduce lighting energy use by as much as 90%. Also look at installing isolation valves on every fixture and faucet in the restroom. Without these valves entire restrooms have to be shut down when a single component is in need of replacement. For finishing consider ceramic tiles as while expensive they are not subject to deterioration from exposure to water and will typically not require any replacement. NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES GET INVOLVED – AND BRAND YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE! If you are launching a new product or service, share the story with us and we will in turn share it with the entire industry in our special section in the magazine for new products and services. PLEASE NOTE - We cannot publish low-res images. To check the resolution of an image, right click on it, scroll down to ‘Properties’, click on that and then scroll down to check the Vertical n Horizontal resolution…. Both must be at least 300dpi. DEADLINES: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES AND DON’T MISS THE DEADLINES BELOW: Editorial submission: 13 April 2015 Ad booking deadline: 10 April 2015 Ad material deadline: 13 April 2015 To book your advertising space please contact Adam Peters Sales Executive M: +27 (0)71 687 4809 T:  +27  (0)11 781 5970 E:  adam@fmexpo.org
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