Facilities Management Seminars Wednesday 18th October 2017 10.30 – Getting Paper Recycling Right Samantha Choles, PAMSA A significant amount of recoverable paper, boxes and milk cartons are discarded every day in offices and commercial centres. Find out what mistakes your business might be making when it comes to effective paper recycling. 11.15 – Section 197 Transfers In terms of the LRA - A win win approach to  outsourcing Maja MacDougall, Afroteq With all the recent negative publicity around outsourcing, there is a way that it can be a positive approach to a business requirement as well as protecting the interests of the people affected. Using a Section 197 Transfer allows for the transfer of staff directly linked to a service to be transferred over to a new employer at same or similiar terms and conditions of employment.  Maja will be unpacking the general terms of a Section 197 Transfer, give case studies of successful transfers and the pitfalls to be avoided when following this route. 12.00 – Break 13.00 – Access Control & Biometrics Jonathan Kahn, Trac Tech In order to secure your people and assests an electronic access control solution is an essential part of knowing and controlling who has access to your site. Identity management is an integral factor in the success of any Time and Access Control projects. Jonathan shares his knowledge and expertise from fingerprint and face recognition technologies. 13.45 – Water Knowledge & Saving Richard Pickering, Northface Solar Water scarcity has affected many regions, therefore efforts to educate on saving water need to be made. Richard shares his thoughts on water knowledge and tips in controlling usage and leaks in your buildings and empowering you to act. 14.30 - Smoke Ventilation and Natural Ventilation Dyllan Sellers, SE Control & Wayne Duminy, FTS The safe containment or extraction of smoke can be achieved by either natural or powered smoke extraction systems, within the atria or firefighting cores. Adaptive natural ventilation systems can be standalone, or can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS).
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“A great event, I learnt a lot from the water knowledge & saving topic” – Anelle Henn, Waste Plan “Great meeting. Thank you again and keep me posted on when the next one is taking place” – Clinton Lemmer, Vixnet “Fantastic meeting with great topics. Very informative and well organised. We will see you at the expo”, Daphne Hendricks & Karen Wiener, Oxford University Press “Very informative. Great topic on Paper Recycling”, Anthony Rodriques, Excellerate FM