3. Visitor Badges with logo (maximum 1 sponsor) We expect 1000’s of visitors to The Facilities Management Expo, every one of those visitors will receive an email of  their badge with your logo on it which they print out and take with them to the show.  R20,000.  4. Washroom Branding Let’s face it, we all need to go to the washroom, where better for you to get across your message than when one is  taking a few minutes of quiet reflection. R12,500.   5. Banners Have a banner hanging above your stand, highlight to visitors where your stand is and perhaps expose some special  offers. R12,000 for a 4m x 2m double sided banner, rigged for the show, that you can keep afterwards.  6. Inserts in the event bag As mentioned elsewhere, virtually every visitor collects the event bags on their way into the show, if your logo is not  printed on the outside, the next best thing is to have a promotional leaflet inserted by us into the bag at a cost of only  R5,000. 7. VIP lounge Branding - our VIP lounge, within the exhibition hall, allows our VIP Guests to relax and also give you the them the opportunity to  have meetings with you as a sponsor and other exhibitors. What better place to have a banner featuring your branding  and sales message. This an extremely cost effective proposition at R3,750 per 2.5m banner. Space is limited. 8. Floor plan on site  Have your logo directing visitors to your stand via the large Exhibition Floor Plan, strategically placed near the  entrance. Cost: R750. To further enquire on sponsoring and more options, please email either Chad: Chad@fmexpo.org  or Melinda: melinda@fmexpo.org
Facilities Management Expo 2017
Facilities Management Expo 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities 1. Registration Staff (maximum 1 sponsor) Everyone who visits the exhibition will be met by the registration team. Have your sales message seen by every visitor  by sponsoring the registration staff polo shirts.  Only R14,500 for two days of maximum exposure. 2. Visitor Bags (maximum 1 sponsor) Virtually every visitor takes one of our visitor bags to collect sales literature. They could be taking home your sales  message as well as showing off your message whilst wondering the floor of the hall. Cost: R10,000 -  you supply your  own branded bags and you will be alowed to put inserts / brochures in each bag.   
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