Seminars - Wednesday 10 May 10.30   Four Common Office Recycling Mistakes Samantha Choles – Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa We all have our own ideas about re-cycling and its often something that we pay token attention to. Hear from an expert in how to recycle better and get it right from the start. 11.30 Corporate Interior Design Strategy Hassan Shaikh – Founder at Revolve Do you look at your work space and think it could be improved? Hassan Shaikh gives insights how to make changes that not only make your interiors look better, but also help the building and your colleagues work more efficiently. 12.30 A radical but practical look at ergonomics in the Work Place Elan Kabb & Greg Yatt – Business Furniture Solutions Rethink what you know about ergonomics – the workspace has changed radically and it’s time to get up to date with the modern way of working. Technology, activity, management styles – its all changing. Simplicity and honest design  are the key areas in todays effective workspace. Join us as we challenge traditional thinking with contemporary ideas. 13.30 SA is in Crisis – Water as an element of Facilities Management & investment risk in commercial real estate Dr Anthony Turton – Founding Member of South African Water & Energy Forum, he is a rock star in the water industry, holding two professorships (groundwater management at University of Western Cape and environmental management at University of Free State. This talk will sensitize the facilities management professional to the changing landscape of risk by explaining drivers, illustrating trends and proposing solutions. 14.30 Broll Property Management Leaders in the facilities management industry. They are pioneering new ideas in management of buildings, construction and technology. Hear how they are putting some of these ideas into practice.
Facilities Management Expo 2017
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